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How to get the fortitude of the nightborne armor set

In the battle of Azeroth, there are five allied races that belongs to Hordes. Those allied races cover the Highmountain Tauren, the Mag’har Orcs, the Vulpera, the Zandalari trolls, and the Nightborne.

The nightborne are inextricable pixie and there would be no surprise if we say that the armor set which is provided to them is one of the best in the universe of Warcraft. As they possess the most powerful armor set, it comes as no surprise that the Fortitude of nightborne armor set is desire by lots of mortals.

So in this blog, we will get to know about its acquisition and a lot more like unlocking the criteria, race spells, rewards, class possibilities, and more. So be with us till last to know about Nightborne Manasaber and how to acquire the Nightborne armor set.

The Nightborne Manasaber

The one who is born with the potential to detect arcane energy is Nightborne Manasaber. This cat was given to the Nightborne as a gift of a confirmed ally.

Prerequisite for riding Nightborne Manasaber

 This Nightbourne Manasaber is accessible to all qualified characters on your account. Which are on Level 10, apprentice riding, and Hordes only. In the world of Warcraft, this cat serves as the Nightborne allied race’s racial mound. After you add Nightborne to the Horde and complete all the associated unlocking processes it will be available to all the horde players on your account.

This blog will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to have to possess all the races.

Fortitude Of The Nightborne Armor Set

How to unlock Nightborne

if you want to know how to unlock nightborne then you are right place. For unlocking the Nightborne, you need to become eligible to play as the Nightborne Allied race and for that, you have to complete all the storylines in Suramar to acquire the Insurrection achievement. Q- how to unlock nightborne


You need to complete the Suramar storylines listed down:-

  1. Lockdown
  2. Missing Persons
  3. Waxing Crescent
  4. An Elven problem
  5. Crafting war
  6. March on Suramar
  7. Elisande’s Retort
  8. As Strong As Our Will
  9. Breaking the Nighthold

By completing the previously mentioned objective the required capabilities for the Nightborne will become accessible to you in the Orgrimmar Embassy. And one more thing that the value for insurrection is 10.


When you complete the requirement scenario, you will get the Nightborne Manasaber mount.

Heritage Armor

After successfully completing the previously told stages, you need to generate your own first Nightborne character in the game because after doing this you will only get the Shal’dorei Tabard.

During this time period, without using character boost, if you can level up your Nightborne in 50 then you will receive the Heritage of the Nightborne achievement, which eventually awards Heritage Armor cosmetic transmog set.

Now, this accomplishment will give permission to you to wear the Heritage Armor set.

Heritage armor set can be worn by whom?

This armor set is mainly design for the folks who require the highest level of defense protection as it provides vigorous protection against both physical and magical assaults.

So you can take it as that The Fortitude of the Nightborne armor set is for paladins and warriors.

And also it is highly light weighted and mobile which makes it ideal to wear by a warrior as they have to move frequently.

Some marvelous Racial spells that you can use

  • Cantrips:-  it allows you to access your mail for 1.5 min by which you can conjure up Eldritch Grimoire.
  • Arcane Pulse:– it causes hidden vandalization to nearer enemies and decreases their movement speed by 50%. it lasts for 12sec.
  • Ancient History:-  your script of the inscription can be increased by 15.
  • Magical Affinity:– it expands magical damage dealt by 1%.
  • Arcane Resistance:– it brings down any arcane damage you receive by 1%.

Classes of Neightborne

The classes of Neightborne are write down below:-

  • HunterDeath knight
  • Warlock 
  • Priest
  • Mage 
  • Monk
  • Warrior
  • Rogue

Short story of the Nightborne

The neightborne is a powerful and mysterious race of elves. They live in Suramar. This place is separated from the frest of the world for over 10,000 years so they are no longer true night elves and transformed into unique eleven species by the Nightwell. An ancient source of power crafted by Suramar’s Highborne subjects during the war of the Ancients confirms that the Nightborne race owns many of their physical characteristics which are so much unique, due to its dependency on the Nightwell.

Due to this ancient war when the Kaldorei Empire begins to crumble then these night elves of suramar city made a powerful shield under the leadership of Highborne Elisande to protect and isolated the city from the remainder of the Legion.

So the conclusion of this war is that the Neightborne continued excelling and progressing in the arcane arts and culture of the Kaldorei empire.

And to safeguard these sources of power the leader of the realm of Neightborn made an alliance with the burning legion. By doing this their kingdom was a part of internal conflict.

After freeing themselves from their demonic overloads, Nightborne are now looking for helpers who can help them to get their previous and rightful place in the world.

Hence in short the nightborne are the night elves of suramar. They fought the Legion in the great war of the Ancient to protect their home and free themselves from the demonic portal with the help of the Eye of Aman’thul. If not then it would have overtaken and vanished the subjects from their home.

So now let’s see after being cheated can they be able to trust others?

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